Hi, I’m Dana. Welcome to my world of color!

About Dana Holler, author of The Color Thing, standing in clothing boutique

My Background…

I became fascinated with color theory way back in 2010 when I really started to dive into what makes a great outfit and how color plays a huge part in that.

Shortly after that, I learned a lot about image consulting and decided to give it a try myself! In 2012, I became a certified image consultant through the London Image Institute, learning from some of the best teachers in the world on the subject of color selection.

exercise in color progression using paint dabs on paper

An actual exercise I did for learning color in image consulting school. So much fun!

I then became a solopreneur and ran my own personal styling business, The Image Coach, in Charlottesville, Virginia for about 7 years. I did consultations for color, wardrobe purges, and guided shopping trips with so many wonderful clients. I even got to style a cover girl for a magazine. Exciting times!

mindful magazine cover styled by dana holler

Mindful Magazine cover from the October 2015 issue. Cover girl styled by yours truly!


Becoming a mom slowed things down for me and then, COVID turned the world upside down. In 2020, I pivoted back into the IT arena (where I had been previously, since college) as a project manager for digital marketing and web solutions. Even though personal styling was an exciting time in my life, there’s a lot to love about my new life, too!


My Mission…

Even with a new career that’s very meaningful to me, I still find myself obsessed with clothing colors. Knowing color theory has made many things in my life easier. Outfits and capsule wardrobing, for one (which is what this site is all about), but it’s also helped me with hair color, makeup, decorating, my own web design projects, and loads of other things!

That’s why I decided that although my image consulting business is on the back burner (I’m taking color appointments on a case-by-case basis), I still want to share my knowledge of what was always my favorite part of consultations – color selection – with the masses!  Color selection and capsule wardrobing save you time and money, help you look your most fabulous, and it’s the knowledge that I want every woman to have.


Why “The Color Thing”?…

Thus, The Color Thing was born. You might ask where I got the name from. Well, eventually, I’d like this site to possibly blossom into other color theory tools and solutions. When describing my ideas to my inner self and with friends, I’d say, “You know, the color thingie!” …I’m a nerd.


How to Get Started… 

If you’re new here and just stumbled across this page, be sure to visit my page on how to find your best colors, and then check out my guide to all 10 color palettes that can help you build your best-ever capsule wardrobe.

Once you find your best or favorite color palette, browse my selection of top clothing picks in your colors (and know that you’re going to look amazing in them)!

And if you have any questions, feel free to email me at hello [at] thecolorthing [dot] com.

Again, thanks for stopping by my site! I hope it’s fun and informative for you.




P.S. – a little more about me…

  • I’m enjoying life as a boy mom.
  • I’m obsessed with websites.
  • And classic rock.
  • I play guitar and sing. Mostly folky stuff and 70s covers.
  • My style has evolved over the years from classic-modern-professional to relaxed-hippie-tinybitofrocknroll…
  • My colors have evolved, too! Yes, your colors can change over the years and if your hair color changes. I was a bona fide “Spring” back in my early days of consulting, shifted a bit to a “Bright” when I had vivid red hair and now, I’m finding I match best to the “Light” palette. Check out all the palettes here.
About Dana, author of The Color Thing -

Me in one of my all-time favorite “Light” looks.

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